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Browse our new huggie earring collection. Browse our new huggie earring collection.

You Are Your Own Healer.

All are welcome here.  

This is not the "spiritual cool kids table"...(even though we totally think you're cool).  

The Crystal Boutique is a healing lifestyle company.  We believe that spirituality should not be an intimidating or unwelcoming.  All are welcome at our table.  We want to share the most sophisticated magic with the world - from our handmade crystal jewelry to our exclusively poured luxe candles - and assist you in your personal healing journey.  

We created our best selling handmade crystal jewels collection for the person that wants to connect to their inner self, but shies away from mass crystal jewelry and truly cares about the quality of the craftsmanship and stones they are wearing.  Each piece of our jewelry is handmade with a unique crystal gem with the finest silver and gold.  

Whether you are dabbling in spirituality, have a guru, or don't even know what meditation is, you are welcome at The Crystal Boutique.  Because at the end of the day, we believe:  You Are Your Own Healer.