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Shine Your Light Pendant x The Real Carmit


Wear this necklace as a reminder that your light and love make the world a better place.…♡  Shine on baby!

A perfect pendant with "Shine Your Light" engraved, adorned with a genuine Rose Quartz to remind you that you are already full of self love, confidence and compassion.

How did this collaboration come to life? 

Amanda, Founder of Crystal Boutique and Carmit instantly connected at an event years ago!  This beautiful collaboration was inspired by Carmit’s journey with being born Cleft Lip & Palate.  “Growing up I endured a lot of bullying and there will always be those who will test your spirit. Luckily I received the messages and lessons to never dim your light for anyone.”  - Carmit 

Materials: 18K Gold Plated Silver, Sterling Silver, Rose Quartz 

Length:  14 inches + 2.5 inch Extender