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The Best Healing Crystals for Work and Boss Energy

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The Best Healing Crystals for Work and Boss Energy
We've rounded up a list of the best healing crystals for work.  And what makes this list even better is that all of our crystal jewelry styles are completely work appropriate and will not only elevate your work style but bring you all the vibes you're looking for when you wear your healing crystal jewelry for work.  

1.  The best crystals for new jobs and the best crystals for new beginnings 

New job for you?  Congrats!  Looking for the best crystal gifts for new jobs?  Congrats to your friend!  ;) 

The "crystal of new beginnings" is moonstone - so look no further than our best selling Moonstone Choker for the best crystal gift for new jobs.  Moonstone is said to be balancing and is the healing crystal known to balance our masculine and feminine energy (so you get that perfect mix of creativity and structure from both your heart and brain).  Our moonstone choker comes in gold or silver and is chic enough to elevate your work style but not look like you're overdoing it!  Click here to shop the crystal for new beginnings and new jobs Moonstone Choker.  


2. The best crystals for money and the best healing crystals for manifesting money. 

Money on your mind?  Ours too.  Whatever your relationship is with money, it represents a freedom that we all deserve.  The beautiful thing about money is that it is completely abundant - you truly can have as much of it as you want and work for.  To keep your mind in the money manifestation mindset, we recommend Pyrite - one of the best healing crystals for money manifestation.   Our Pyrite Choker and Pyrite Earrings are our best sellers for a reason.  They are cute AF - and they keep our minds in money manifesting mode so we can stay focused on our goals. Pyrite is also said to bring us luck and rev up our personal power.  Yes, please! Click here to shop the best crystal for money and money manifestation Pyrite.



3.  The best healing crystal for energy and the best crystal for calming

Energy and calm DO go hand in hand - it's actually just the opposite of being depleted of energy in your bed watching Netflix for hours.  We love to know we are focusing our minds on energizing while staying calm and anxiety free.   Look no further than the healing crystal known as "the master healer" - clear quartz.  Clear Quartz is known as a crystal that cleanses AND charges our auras - so we can be clear headed and calm for the work day ahead.  Try one of our many quartz jewelry styles like our Clear Quartz Cluster Choker.  



And there you have it - 3 of our favorite and what we think are the best healing crystals for work - in jewelry styles that you can wear from work to happy hour.  xoxo TCB 

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