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When Your Loved Ones Don't Support Your Goals

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And How to Not Let it "Get" to You...
by Clementine Lloyd
A wise person once said: “be careful who you share your goals with”.  It is commonplace that when we have a new project or goal, we want to share it with our loved ones.  We see the beauty of our idea and we want to turn those dreams into a reality.  Those moments when the idea first comes to you feel like a dream and that you are going to be unstoppable in achieving it. Sure there will be struggles and hitches when the real work gets underway, but right now you are experiencing the beautiful honeymoon period, just you and your baby. Bliss!
But then suddenly things get tricky....
Our very nature as feeling, thinking individuals is that we all own different viewpoints.  So when you share a thought or idea with others, be it anyone from an acquaintance to your ride or die bestie, their own thoughts and feelings will creep in...and they aren't always supportive ones.
I experienced this recently with a person very close to me, and found myself stunned by their negative response to the dreams I had just shared. Now, we are all blessed with the tools to pick and choose what we take on board from our external world, but when you're faced with someone you love slamming you down, how do you deal with that? And while they may not even notice they are doing it, if we aren't careful, their own personal world-view or opinion can start to permeate our own minds...
So how do we make sure the opinions of others don't limit our beliefs?  
We all have an inner voice that we deal with every day - a voice that can boost your confidence as much as it can put you down (and more often the latter if you don’t keep it in check).  Do you know what yours sounds like? It is important to know your inner voice and to be aware if she's trying to trip you up (or being influenced by other peoples opinions).  A well meaning word from a friend can go a long way in making you falter, and then suddenly you're walking away from that beloved idea fearing it was not the great light-bulb moment you thought. Or worse, feel it would never amount to anything and that you aren’t good enough to achieve it.
Luckily for you, you can change this! You can arm yourself with awareness and get to know your own inner voice and how she reacts to others opinions.  You can learn to weed out these limiting beliefs as they creep in, and take steps to pick apart what is fact from opinion. An idea is just the start, and then the real work comes in - and you don't want to miss out on putting your goals into action because of another persons bad past experiences or limiting thoughts.  
We put together a list of our favorite crystals to help keep your inner voice in check, and turn those dreams into reality!
The Unstoppable Kit:  the prettiest collection of pyrite, quartz, tourmaline and aragonite to make you unstoppable in achieving your dreams.
Tiger’s Eye:  will help to unlock your creativity, also bringing mental harmony and, above all, strength!
Lapiz Lazuli:  promotes clarity, wisdom, and opens up your internal channels of communication.
All this can go a long way to giving you the inner peace and mental strength you so richly deserve in order to achieve your goals. Listen to yourself more, focus on your desires, and anything can be achieved.
Now go live your dreams...!  Aunt Milly doesn't know what she's talking about. ;) 


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