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Why You Shouldn't "Rise and Grind"

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Do you really need to “rise and grind”?  Is “always grinding” really going to make you happier, more fulfilled and a better human being?  The thought of “grinding” through life seems like a very abrasive way to live if you ask me...

As I’ve been flipping through my instagram feed these last few weeks, I’ve noticed so many captions starting off with “rise and grind” – and I only just recently started to question it. What an exhausting way to live!  And sadly, society has made us feel that it proves or portrays we are hard working or successful.  What about just “rising and being", or "rising and reflecting"?

As we finish up our second week of 2018 (I’m really digging the new year so far by the way…), we may already be slipping on some of those resolutions we created and beating ourselves up for not sticking with them like we were so sure we could do on January 1st. Did you even give yourself a second to be proud of your accomplishments in 2017 or did you immediately bulldoze into what you could improve upon in 2018?

For me, 2017 was a killer year of ups and downs. I was blindsided by a breakup (we dated for 2.5 years and he broke up with me on the phone from a different country), I moved halfway across the world by myself from Los Angeles to Bali, Indonesia, I saw someone die by lightening, I started a business, my dog died, I traveled to four continents, and that’s just the half of it... 

As this fresh (SO FRESH) year kicks off, I am reeling from all the growth feels as I look back on how I made it through 2017 like a bat out of hell! The shit that hurt like hell has made me feel like the most confident, relaxed and chilled out version of myself that I’ve ever been. I plan on sitting in this warm bath of self-growth and reflecting on everything I’ve overcome for a while…and letting the goals, lists, and to-dos happen a bit more naturally this year. And let me tell you it feels DAMN good to be still and pause the grind.

 So for 2018, what if we flip the script, threw all those resolutions in the air and just stayed still for a moment (or more)? What if we actually took this time to feel all the growth that we experienced in 2017 without throwing ourselves into a new cycle of pushing and grinding? If you’re “always grinding”, you’re going to miss out on some of the best feels life has to offer us. 

Let’s make the only grinding we do in 2018 the kind we did on the 8th grade dance floor in 1998. Here’s an “F you” to society for making us think that success is measured by the grind…because it’s not. And I can get down with that…


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