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THE HEAL SERIES: What is Reiki?

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THE HEAL SERIES:  What is Reiki?

An interview with Bali's sought after Reiki Master, Florencia Vega Lera (also known as Flo).  

"Flo has changed my life.  She makes navigating life most difficult moments easier with her powerful yet gentle guidance and energy healing.  I truly cannot live without her!". 

What IS Reiki? 

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. Reiki means 'Spiritually guided life force energy'. The practice involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner's palms to their patient, positioning them on their different chakras (or other parts of the body) and channeling this energy through their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It can be combined with other energy healing tools and some practitioners might be able to see/hear/channel messages that are shared afterwards for the highest good of their patients. In a nutshell, but it is so much more than this! 

For someone who has never done reiki before - how would you describe it as a way to help in the healing journey?

I think that what I love the most about Reiki is that you get to know yourself better and bringing awareness to what is there to be addressed is the first step on everyone’s healing journey.. or I would say second! because the first one is to show up for yourself! for your need of healing, growth, change etc. 

When channeling energy, blocks are dissolved and balance between mind, body, emotions and spirit is promoted, helping you to unlock your natural healing ability and wisdom. When we are centered we can think with clarity and act from a place of love and not from the ego for instance.

Some practitioners can also receive insights about the reason for the displaced energy, and if this resonates it can be of great help. And this is important, you can take or leave what it has been shared with you. This is about you and your well-being

How often should you do Reiki? 

I would say that this is up to you :) I would suggest at least waiting 7 days between sessions so you have time to see how you are feeling, what are the benefits that you see from Reiki and how the insights shared are helping you (if any). Sometimes I see people 1 time per week for a couple of months cause we are working on something in particular, others it is a 1 time only cause something ‘clicked’ for them and that's what they needed. Some people come every 2 months and I’ve treated certain injuries twice a week. Trust yourself on this.. no one is going to magically heal you, you’ll heal yourself and yes as everything in life, it takes some time. Reiki and other practices help, guide, support, align, call for light and love. It doesn’t replace professional psychological and physiological advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Besides the ones we mentioned above, it promotes harmony, balance and spiritual growth - it is a great tool for self-knowledge and self-love. It creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress, tension and even pain. Also, assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins and supports the immune system

Reiki also clears the mind and improves focus as you feel grounded & centered. Grounding ourselves takes us to a state of ‘being’ and not just ‘doing’. 

Is Reiki scary? How long does a Reiki session typically last? 

Nothing to be scared of! Is very pleasant and you are going to feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are not, please talk with the practitioner. Reiki can be done hands on or off, you can ask about this before the session starts. Usually a typical Reiki session will go for 45-60 min. The sessions I do go for about one hour and a half, I integrate Reiki with Akashic Records, some tools from Balinese Healing and other practices - and the first session I ask the person to have 2 hours available.

Something that I can add to the ‘Is Reiki Scary’ question is that it can happen that after a session you keep cleansing. I like to see it as a purifying process that your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body can go through and, although it can be a little bit uncomfortable there is nothing to be scared of! The energy is still working with you to get ‘rid’ of certain aspects that don’t serve you any more and allow growth. This happens only to a few people and sometimes some other things/animals can act as a channel to release some of the stuck energy. Had clients that broke door knobs, crystals, drawers etc and even a session where the cat’s owner acted like it was going to vomit a huge hairball for like 10 seconds (when I was working on the throat chakra) and all of the sudden stopped and continue sleeping next to us like nothing had happened! A lot of crazy good things happen too, know that the energy when intended with love will always work on your highest good and it can be given (consciously or unconsciously) to animals, objects etc .. I give Reiki to the baby clothing I do!

BOOK A SESSION WITH FLO: click the link in her instagram @pathofgrowth_

Instagram: @pathofgrowth_

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