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What is a Full Moon Ritual & How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

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What is a Full Moon Ritual & How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

What is a Full Moon Ritual?

Every 4 weeks, the moon fills herself back up after a month long process of gathering different emotions, working on manifestations, and filling up her energy cup.  In order to work at her optimal magic, she must release her energy after she becomes Full.  Like the moon, we eb and flow in different phases, and when we become to full, we must release in order to start the process again.  

We do rituals in order to recognize, honor, and then let go of the things that no longer serve us.  So that we can begin to refill our selves to be the brightest and most full version of ourselves.  

What is a Full Moon Ritual Ritual and How Do You Do A Full Moon Ritual?  

Like the world of spirituality, there seem to be a lot of "rules" that might confuse you.  Do you have to use crystals in a full moon ritual?  Is a full moon ritual the same as a new moon ritual?  What is the best full moon ritual? 

We are here to give you the basics, so that you can create a full moon ritual that feels right to you and only you.  Mix and match from our suggestions and create a monthly ritual that will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and ready to move forward with your manifestations without all the extra baggage you've built up over the month prior. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #1:  CHARGE THOSE CRYSTALS!

Obviously we are going to tell you to charge those crystals...!  We charge our crystals at the Full Moon because the energy of the moon is super powerful and ready to power up your manifestations and intentions that you put into them.  Leave your crystals outside under that gorgeous natural light and let them charge up your intentions.  We also love wearing our Moon Phase Choker Necklace on Full Moon nights to remind us of the phases we all must go through to be our fullest. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #2:  HOW TO CREATE A RITUAL SPACE

Create your ritual space with intention.  We all don't have the beach to go to but if you can find a place in nature, we love creating our rituals outside under mother moon.  If nature isn't in the cards for you, you could do it in the bathtub if that feels right to you, or create a sacred space in your living room or bedroom.  We love lighting yummy candles, burning sage at the start of the ritual and setting our favorite crystals around us before leaving them outside for the night. Dim lighting, peaceful music, whatever feels yummy to you is the right thing. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #3:  WRITE TO LET GO.

Cut a piece of paper into a few squares.  Write out everything you'd like to release in this full moon.  Maybe you're holding onto a toxic relationship and want to start putting yourself first, or perhaps you'd like to get rid of negative self talk.  Write each of them out individually and then fold them up.  Close your eyes and take a moment to honor where each of these experiences has led you and then if you are in a safe space in nature you can burn the papers into a bowl of water.  If you can't be in a fire safe place, submerge the papers into water or rip them up and LET THAT SH*T GO! 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #4:  GATHER YOUR CIRCLE 

Sometimes Full Moon Rituals are better with friends!  Gather your circle of trusted friends and bask in this powerful energy together.  Maybe you want to share with each other what you're letting go of, and maybe you want to keep it to yourself.  Both are totally ok! 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #5:  GIVE THANKS.

Thank beautiful mother moon for all of the lessons of this past month, put your crystals under her glow, and get ready to level up.


We'd love to hear what you guys do in your full moon rituals!  Leave a comment down below and share your favorite tips and tricks and we will share them with our community on instagram @thecrystalboutique.  


Image Credit: @radiantmoonmedicine

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